June 29

My Gas Station Hookup

I was at the gas station yesterday reluctantly putting another hundred bucks in the tank. As I was sitting at the pump sadly watching the total roll past a hundred bucks, I noticed a guy going talking to people filling up about car wax he was selling.

I could see that I was next in line to be annoyed by this guy. The four people before me all turned him down. I wasn’t interested in the least, so I guess now it’s my turn to say no.

Since I was stuck there pumping gas, he had a captive audience. And he had a good pitch. He talked about how his miracle product would bring new life to my car. I still wasn’t interested.

Then he asked if he could give me a little demonstration. I love to watch how people sell so I gave him the green light and he used his miracle wax on a small spot on my car. And to be honest, I hardly ever wash my car so there were some stained spots that really needed some work.

I was curious but still wasn’t interested.

But he didn’t give up. He went into the features and benefits of protecting the paint on my car and threw out an ego pitch by talking about how my car would always look like it just came off the lot.

Now I was impressed. Sure the product was good, but I was more impressed with his personality and perseverance. He made me feel like he was genuinely providing me with value.

But I still wasn’t interested. I told him to give me his number and I would order when I was ready.

That’s when he kicked his sales pitch up a notch. He put together an irresistible offer by bundling an additional bottle with some specialty waxing towels.

Not only did I buy, but I bought his higher-priced bundled offer.

If real estate professionals had the same attitude and tenacity that this guy had, there’s no doubt in my mind they would get through to more of their sellers. 

Everyone’s knee jerk reaction to a sales conversation is always no. Most real estate professionals give up after the first no. By the second or third no, almost everyone has left the conversation rejected.

It’s not that people don’t want your services. It’s just that they either don’t know they need you yet or their automatic defenses are still up.

What impressed me with this car wax guy was that he connected with me emotionally. Even though our time together was brief, he got to know me personally. And then he impressed me intellectually. I’m not talking about knowing the science behind what his product does, I’m talking about knowing what the outcome of the product meant to me.

His sales mastery impressed me so much that I asked him if he would be interested in working for me on the phones (I know talent when I see it).

My question for you is this – how do you get past the NO?

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Turning No’s Into Yes’s” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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