May 5

My Sod Guy Came Up Short This Week

Have you ever had grass hold up the sale of one of your properties?

I have a property that is about to go to market but we hit a snag. It had nothing to do with permits or price. Our problem is the grass.

Our delivery company dropped off the sod and my hard working landscapers got busy installing the new lawn. As they were getting close to completing the job, I got a call I honestly didn’t see coming.

It turns out either our math was off or we measured wrong because by the time they finished, we still had 25% of the yard that needed sod!

I’m on a tight schedule with this property. We were supposed to go live on the market the next day so we had to think fast.

And as you know, the real estate market is super hot right now. Properties are literally sold within days (and sometimes even mear hours) of hitting the market
One of the things I love about this business is having the opportunity to quickly solve problems – and this one needed to be fixed FAST!

Most of my vendors are running at least a couple of weeks out on goods and services. My sod guy (yes, I have a sod guy) was no different. I’d have to wait two long excruciating weeks until the next delivery was available.
But where there is a will, there is always a way.

I asked my sod guy to give me a list of big chain stores and small shops that they delivered sod to on that morning.

After making a few calls I was able to locate a pallet of sod at a Home Depot and bought it right then and there over the phone.

When we showed up to pick it up, there was a line of irritated customers in the lawn and garden department. They were all standing there looking at a full pallet of sod wondering why they couldn’t buy any of it!

Being resourceful and thinking creatively are qualities I try to foster in both my team and my real estate students.
Don’t just take no for an answer. Know in your heart the successful outcome is waiting for you and you’ll always find a way to succeed.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “I’ve Got All The Sod” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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