May 5

Ok, Is NOW the Right Time to Panic?

It seems like the whole world is in a panic.

Bank failures, recession, deadly shootings, war in Ukraine. And the news (and our government) loves to keep us strung out in a panicked haze.

And the sad reality is that this perpetual state of anxiety can really affect how we approach our real estate business.

A lot of people are freaking out because of the lack of inventory. Don’t get me wrong, their fear isn’t imaginary or made up. Obviously, the market has shifted and we need to look at things a little differently. But this is no time to panic.

Although it’s not uncommon to be in a situation where you’re competing with a dozen other agents and investors for a property, if you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, it’s time to be a true leader in your market.

It’s easy to get into a bad headspace and slip down the path of anxiety, hopelessness, and depression.

Or you can be a leader and do what I’m currently doing with a seller.

This gentlemen’s aging parent is really struggling with dementia, and the burden of caring for his father, who doesn’t want to move into assisted living, falls on this poor soul. In addition to working full time and providing for his own family, he has to struggle with constantly monitoring and caring for his dad.

He told me that he mentioned his situation to a couple of his friends who are real estate agents. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, they started circling him, expressing their insincere desire to help him by simply selling the house. Is there any legitimate care for his father or his own situation? Nope. Nothing but pure opportunism.

I was referred to this struggling soul by his attorney, who he holds in high regard. Having a strong referral network is so important because the attorney’s authority is passed right along to me.

Does that give me the right to pounce on the deal and go for the house? That’s what weak and panicked people do, not leaders.

The first thing I did was to lead my seller into taking control of the situation and giving him the confidence that he should have over the matter.

He needed to become a leader himself for his family and his father.

I was able to approach this seller differently than all the other investors and agents who were knocking down his door. And I did that by becoming a leader.

And I’m happy to report that he is on his way to a solution. And I’m confident that when the time comes for him to sell his dad’s house, whether he wants to have it listed or purchased directly, I will be his only choice.

Taking the leadership approach with probate has allowed me to buy hundreds of houses over the years. And with all the fear and uncertainty currently in the market, it’s never been a better time to shine as a leader.

To your success,
Ernie “Your Fearless Leader” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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