October 4

One Man’s Trash

Every probate property has personal contents that are left behind. Did you know that under the probate legal process, these items along with real estate are technically considered property?
The difference is that one is categorized as real property “real“ for real estate. And the other is categorized as personal property. Yes, our job as real estate investors is to buy the house, but what about everything that comes with the house?

That’s where the fun starts! A lot of people don’t even mention what to do with the contents of a house, but I know how to maximize the profit potential of every property and love to teach my students how to do the same.

Sometimes the personal contents are significantly large not only in quantity but also in value. When I hit one of these jackpots, I refer them to one of my “go-to” estate liquidation companies. I have formed strategic relationships with various professional estate liquidation companies. These are companies that have made a whole business of helping these Probate heirs maximize the sale of each and every single one of those personal items.

This weekend I stopped off to visit some old friends conducting an estate sale. The deceased was a world traveler and he had amassed a collection of some of the most eclectic items I have ever seen at an estate sale.
Finding properties with all of this extra stuff isn’t the exception, it’s actually more of the norm. In fact, it’s so common that some of my students have formed a whole secondary business to serve this niche.

People love to collect tons of stuff. It’s part of who we are as human beings. That’s why shows like Hoarders and Storage Wars are so popular.

At the end of the day, probate is a business of helping families in need and that need extends beyond the sale of their house. Our sensitivity and compassion must extend to help them deal with the other problems they will most like have to face, like figuring out what to do with all of the stuff their loved ones accumulated over the years.
These contents are a hurdle in their ability to move forward with the sale of the real estate and so it’s in your best interest to help them resolve that problem with compassion as well.

I’d love to teach you how so many of my students and I have been able to help these folks while we simultaneously benefiting from some of the greatest profits in the entire real estate investing industry.

And I’ve got a pile of great stories of some of the crazy personal contents and treasures I’ve found in my probate properties over the years.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Helping Hoarders” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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