October 6

Flipping Cars is Like Flipping Houses

The other day we talked about that houses we buy are filled with stuff that can be worth a lot of money.
Michael, one of my students, emailed me back to tell me about a property he bought that had three junk cars that the homeowner didn’t want.

After he bought the house, he was just about to have the three junkers towed away when he remembered what I had taught him about personal property. So he called a friend of his who knows a thing or two about cars and discovered one of the cars is worth 4 grand even though it’s in pretty rough shape!

The extra 15 minutes he spent applying what I teach netted him a nice little payday!

This reminds me of the time I bought a house that came with an old, junky 1980’s Corvette. It looked (and smelled) like it was ready for the junkyard, but I put it in the classifieds anyhow.

I found someone willing to pay me 6 grand for that rotted out pile of junk!

You’re not going to get rich selling these extra items, but I will tell you they do pay for all of my vacations to Hawaii (did I mention I LOVE vacationing in Hawaii)?

But once in a while you do hit the jackpot. On Friday I’ll tell you about the time I found 30 GRAND hidden in one of the houses I bought.

I told you I have a ton of crazy stories! Mastering probate real estate not only keeps you on your toes and makes you a ton of money, but you end up with some of the most interesting stories!

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Flippin’ Cars” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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