October 8

There was $30K Hidden in One of My Probate Properties

A number of years ago I had bought a probate property that had a huge secret hidden inside.

The seller lived out of state and was only able to come to the house one time to pick up some of the important documents and memories left in the house. Her sister had owned the house for many years and her collection of stuff spoke to how eccentric she was.

For some of my high value probate sellers, I provide a special “probate concierge”service where I roll out the red carpet for them by taking care of all of their travel requirements. Basically a V.I.P. treatment of the seller.
Among other things I arranged for her to get picked up and dropped off from the airport (there’s a whole lesson in this one bit alone).

She had a busy day taking care of all of her deceased sister’s affairs so by the time she got to the house, she only had a few hours to get everything in order.

As I was helping her go through everything, she told me that right before her sister had passed, she told her, “don’t forget the thirty thousand dollars I hid in the house.”

What she didn’t tell her was where it was hidden!

Because of the level of care and service I had provided, she told me the story and said if I found it, it was mine to keep.

I was so busy buying and selling houses, I didn’t even have time to look for the cash. And on top of that the house was already in the process of being wholesaled to a preferred buyer of mine. I told the buyer he could keep the money when he finds it.

He did eventually find the money. In my mind I always picture him hunting through the house like a pirate looking for hidden treasure.

At the end of the day myself, my buyer, and the seller all mutually benefited greatly from the transaction.
There are so many neat people you get to help and unique situations you find yourself in while working probate real estate. I love my job!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Treasure Hunter” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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