October 23

Probate Pack Rat

Do you remember the picture I showed you in a previous blog post.

Pretty scary way of living right?

Remember how I told you that it’s not un-normal to find probate houses that are in this type of terrible disrepair?

Something else that you’ll often see in these homes is major clutter. Yup, the pack rat behavior.

Of course, not every single property that goes through probate is like this.

The point I’m getting at is look for an opportunity where there is a need and think about how you can fill that need. Therefore, be Mr. or Mrs. Service Provider to this estate and these heirs.

Let’s go over some of these methods in which you can be of “help”

If you’re an investor;

“Mr. or Mrs. Seller, I will buy the house “as-is” so that you do not have to lift a single finger and clean anything up. I will buy the house and I will be the one to worry about cleaning it up. “

If you’re an agent;

“I will manage the cleanup of this house so that you don’t have to worry about it Mr. or Mrs. Seller. (You can either pay for this expense out of your own pocket or you can bill this expense to escrow. Both are okay scenarios depending on the commission spread)

What if you’re only a real estate agent? Then I would suggest that you start networking with real estate investors that can be your buyers for these kinds of properties.

And what if you’re only a real estate investor? Then I would suggest that you network with real estate agents that have a major focus on probate.

In other words reach out to each other and build a bridge where you can both support each other.

Coincidentally I co-own a real estate brokerage.

There are times when my office will take that listing but there are other times where I have an opportunity to reward an agent for helping me. Sometimes there are opportunities where I can reach out to one of my students that is licensed and let him or her take that listing.

Listen I really want to help you.

One thing that makes me so different as a probate educator is that I am actually still active after many years in the business of buying and renovating houses, wholesaling, property management, plus co-owning a real estate brokerage.

If you really want to learn this niche then I suggest that you learn it from somebody who is not just talking about it but somebody who is actually doing it.

Take a look at my Probate Fundamentals course which is completely online and you can have access to immediately!

Click here to get plugged into “probate fundamentals” and start dominating your probate niche today!

To your success,

Ernie Vargas

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