June 10

Wholesaling and Flipping Probate Real Estate Outside-of-Your Area

The opportunity to thrive in real estate today is more abundant then it has ever been.

And not only that it is mind blowing that today you can just about live anywhere in the world and locate motivated sellers in any city across America while you simultaneously and remotely operate your wholesale machine.

I was amazed when I first became able to close deals over the phone some 20 years ago, and then it blew my mind when I was locating and wholesaling properties across the country.

But what really puts a smile on my face is that so many of my students have been able to copy and paste my probate property formula and are strategically buying in growth states where they have set up a team on the ground that helps them build their real estate empire.

This business has never been easier but you do have to know what to do and how to do it.

There are some who jump in without a well-thought-out action plan and then wonder why they didn’t get the results they expected.

Probate is not difficult but you must know what to do.

I put together this short video sharing my thoughts on wholesaling, flipping, and buying rental property outside of your city or state.

To your success,

Ernie “ You Can Buy Anywhere in the Nation” Vargas


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