May 31

Three Probate Deals for the Price of One

I am an 80s child and one of my favorite programs was the…A-Team.A popular phrase on this show was“I love it when a plan comes together”and that’s exactly what happened this past weekend. The team put together three deals from one seller.Our seller was a US marshal who’s also in the defense and weapons business and he saw that our team is a solid no-nonsense group.(I’ve taught my team to mirror their prospect and that’s one of the things that I teach my students when they enter into a conversation with their seller)Giovanni who is a young apprentice on my team is a sponge and an action taker and landed this contract. What’s really neat is I asked him toA) set a goal,B) give it a deadline andC) take daily massive action.
He chose his next deal to be over $10k and the deadline was his birthday which was under two weeks.He landed three deals from one seller as he used a simple but effective technique which is….✔ask your seller if…they have any other properties that they would be interested in selling….Alex who is our team’s very well seasoned and top sales manager wrapped up the deals.(This is where you always need to have people in your corner supporting and helping you get to the finish line)One of the reasons I love probate so much is that we get to meet so many interesting and cool people that we get to help plus the deals provide us pretty handsome paydays as well.For example…When all is said and done this will generate $75,000 in wholesale deals from two of the properties in a matter of about 10 days and the third property is still to come.Take a look at this video showing the team in action on these 3 deals.
To your success,
Ernie “A-TEAM” Vargas

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