April 30

Why is there a Fast Lane banner at my local elementary school?

My wife Kathy and I were on our morning walk today. With four kids in the house and most of California still mostly locked down, we’ve had to get creative to find ways to go on “dates”.

Halfway through our date, we found ourselves in front of a local elementary school scratching our heads.

They had a huge banner hanging off the building with an arrow and the words “FAST LANE”.

We homeschool our kids so our experience with traditional schools is limited. We were both curious as to how someone would go about getting into that “fast lane”.

As we were trying to figure out what the school’s “Fast Lane” was for, my thoughts kept wandering over to real estate. I thought to myself, what is the fast lane in real estate?

The real estate business can be hard. If you’re like most investors, you go through dry periods where it is really tough to find inventory. The words “predictable” and “consistent” probably aren’t part of your regular vocabulary. And you’ve probably felt the frustration of feeling like you’re constantly wasting marketing dollars without having a clue if you’re getting a real return on investment.

So how do you get to the real estate “Fast Lane”?

You have to have the best-qualified lead source.

And the best-qualified lead source would be described as a seller who is somebody who doesn’t just have a property they want to sell, they are dealing with outside factors that are pushing them in a corner – they absolutely NEED to sell their property. 

NEED – that is a very important word because there is a difference between somebody who genuinely needs to sell their house vs. a person who just wants to sell their house.

When you combine that NEED with a property that has a lot of deferred maintenance, then you have a truly………MOTIVATED SELLER!

I’ve been working real estate for over 20 years and hands down the ultimate “fast lane” super motivated sellers are found in probate.

Why? When somebody inherits a house it’s usually because the person who passed away was elderly.

Statistically, elder home owners do not upkeep with maintenance and property repairs. By the time the inheritor gets the house, it needs a lot of work. 

On top of all that, in order for this person to do anything with the house, they need have to have legal authority which must ultimately be provided by the probate court.

To say that these poor folks are stuck in a mess is an understatement!

However lucky for them, help is on the way in the form of a real estate professional who has been trained in probate and that is where you come in.

It is a perfect harmony between two ideal people: a seller and a buyer who actually need each other. 

THIS is your fast lane to consistently and predictably obtaining more properties under contract
Committed to your success,
Ernie “Fast Lane” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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