March 29

Altercation at the Dog Park

I was out taking my Hawaiian whipador Kalea (she’s half Whippet and half Labrador) on a walk to our neighborhood dog park yesterday. I do this just about every day so we can both get a little exercise.
It’s usually business as usual with me coming home with a plastic baggie full of dog doo and a happy dog, but last night was quite the spectacle.
At first, it was a typical day at the dog park with all the dogs running around and playing together, but it quickly degraded into a doggie melee when a new dog with a major type A personality entered the mix and started to bully the other dogs around. He was literally pushing the other dogs out of his way.
It’s as if this dog was worried that these other dogs were going to somehow limit his ability to enjoy the space that he was in.
Then the whole scene devolved into pugs growling at labradors, german shepherds shoving huskies, and even a chihuahua going after a bulldog!
(I was proud of my Kalea because she just stood back and watched all of the madness with a look of confusion) 
The scene of the dog park reminded me of a time when I met this old real estate grouch who had also been in the business for a long time. 
When someone would ask him a question about real estate, he would become upset and would literally accuse people of trying to take food out of his family’s mouth by wanting to enter the real estate business.
This poor guy did not understand the concept of abundance and lived a sad life of worry and fear due to his scarcity mentality.
We are currently living through the greatest wealth transfer in America and at this very moment, the exchange of real estate is at an all-time high in our American probate court process.
Just as there is plenty of room in Kalea’s favorite dog park for all the dogs to play together, there is plenty of wealth for all people in our probate real estate niche – you just need to know how to find it and the right way to work it.
The folks who have inherited real estate need well-trained people in their corner, and I’m here to equip you with that knowledge.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “Breaking Up Dog Fights” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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