November 29

Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

Have you ever walked into an appointment and the room had a distinct negative vibe?

I’m not talking about new age voodoo or anything like that. I’m talking about meeting with a seller who seems to be in a negative funk.

Most investors chalk it up to bad luck and move on.

There’s a way to make a seller in this kind of a situation pull a quick 180 and actually make them more connected to you.

When you meet with a seller, you don’t want to simply measure their temperature as if you were a thermometer, instead you can change it to benefit you, just like changing a thermostat!
You have the ability to set and shift those undesirable atmospheres and I’m going to show you how…

Sometimes we may be having a conversation with a probate property seller and their tone is a bit strong or may even seem offensive.

Here’s the thing – you never know when someone is having a terrible day or is going through a very challenging season of their life. Think for a minute what their going through. The cause of their bad mood or poor attitude is often because they are still grieving the loss of their loved one and dealing with all of the confusing technical tasks of the probate process.

If you keep the attitude that you are there to bring healing and support to a family that is tied up in probate, you are less likely to take their negative response to you personally, and instead, respond with a calm and patient tone.

People will simply think to themselves “There’s something different about this person” or “I feel so peaceful speaking with…” or perhaps they don’t think anything at all, but unknowingly move out of their negative funk and instantly become more receptive to doing business with you.

Which then creates a pleasant experience while doing business with you.
Real estate investors are always telling me there is too much competition in the market. If you shift the conversation like this, you will become a category of one.

Your competition can copy your marketing, your scripts, and your ads. What they cannot copy is the personal connection you make with your sellers. You know you’ve got this right when people tell their family and friends “There is something different with this person” or “I feel so peaceful speaking with…”

Wanna go even deeper with this strategy?

You can set the atmosphere in that house before you even show up.

In my Probate Renegade coaching group, I teach that if you spend quality time on the phones with your seller nurturing your relationship before you meet up, you create a shift in their mental perception and can set the atmosphere for your meeting before it even begins.

You can set the atmosphere through intentional conversations over time where you can learn about your seller’s desires and needs as you figure ways to bring resolution to those things.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Just Shift It” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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