December 3

Wanna be Featured on YouTube?

It’s weird how words that weren’t words 10 years ago become part of our vocabulary.

I might be dating myself here, but I remember a time when you didn’t Google something – you looked it up in the dictionary or the 22 volume World Book Encyclopedia that some random college kid going door to door through your neighborhood sold your parents that summer.

Wanna know how much a foot of snow weighs?

Google it.

Wanna know the gross domestic product of the country of Kyrgyzstan?

Google it.

Man, I miss the days of thumbing through those old books of knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong – google is super useful. But did you know that YouTube is the second biggest online search engine?

It’s true! Think about it. If the turn signal on your car isn’t working and you think you might have to refill your blinker fluid, where do you go to find the answer? Yup – it’s YouTube.

But when it comes to probate real estate, there is a lot of bad information out there. People who haven’t closed a probate deal in their life are online pontificating about how to do it properly.

Make sure you get all the facts and not just the bling.

I will be answering questions and some of my students success might be featured on YouTube.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Just YouTube It” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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