December 6

Who Walks Around Disneyland on Their Knees?

Over the year’s I’ve discovered that there are a lot of obscure and even strange holidays that people celebrate.
There’s a National Lost Penny Day (Feb 12), International Beaver Day (April 7), and even a National Hairball Awareness Day (April 30).

But today is different. Today is important.

Did you know that the first Monday of December is Walt Disney day?

Raising my family in Los Angeles, my kids grew up at Disney. We’ve always loved the park. Whatever hardships you’re experiencing just seem to melt away when you are at Disney.

But the significance of this day to me is not about Mickey Mouse or the Magic Kingdom itself. It’s about the vision and determination of its founder, Walt Disney.

There are so so many lessons to be learned from the life of Walt Disney. I could honestly write an email every day about Walt and his approach to life and business for an entire year and we’d just scratch the surface.

But today I want to talk about seeing the world from your prospect perspective.

Walt used to get up early in the morning, before anyone else was at the park, and walk around on his knees.

So why would a grown man, a titan of entertainment, walk around his own theme park on his knees?

He wanted to experience his creations from the perspective of a child.

Ever wonder why the windows in all of the building at Disney are so large and go so far down? It’s because decades ago Walt Disney was walking around his own amusement park on his knees to see his world through the eyes of a child so they could have the same amazing experience as their parents.

Taking the time to see life through the eyes of your sellers makes you more than just another greedy real estate piranha who wants to gobble up their home for your own profit.

You become a trusted friend who is there to not only help them with the sale of their family home, but also help them both emotionally and practically through the process of probate.

These are the kinds of conversations my probate fox family and I have in my Renegade Probate coaching group. 

My own version of the happiest place on earth

You should check it out sometime…

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Walt Is My Hero” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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