December 5

Doors, Floors, And More

I’m writing to you from the air as I’m in route to Chicago.  When I’m in a plane, I often get to just and have some quiet time. I was just thinking about yesterday’s adventures and I’m reminded about all the abundance in products and business that I saw.

Since my real estate business has grown, in both the wholesale and retail sectors; I’m finding myself adding new members to my team.  So yesterday, some of my time took a filed trip to a live project.  We stopped of with some of the vendors that provide kitchen cabinets, countertops, floors, and doors.  We talked about the importance of knowing who you are going to sell the property to and about knowing your demographic.  In this particular project, the front door is larger than the standard size and we therefore had to go with a specialty store.  My group headed to the door store and they were in awe to hear that the store was so busy that new stores in Nevada and New York needed to be opened to accommodate the business.  My group got a VIP tour of the warehouse where they saw thousands of doors that were all sold and waiting for pickup or to be shipped out.

We passed by the flooring vendor where my team got to speak with the owner.  They got to hear his recipe for success and found out that he sells 100,000 cases of his most popular floor a month.  He still has other varieties and colors of floor so you can only imagine how much product he moves each day.  We finished out vendor’s tour with the countertop vendor.  My team got to way in their decision on which quartz slab to go with.  They picked one that will bring harmony to the cabinets and floor in the kitchen.  We then headed to the project on hand and met up with the A/C guy (wouldn’t you know, he’s booked solid too).

The tour was great but what I wanted my team and you to come away with is this.  There is an abundance in this world and in real estate.   There are so many opportunities for you to thrive within the real estate market.  You already know that the market that has continuously been my top pick for the last 20 years has been probate.


To your success,

Ernie “Tour Guide” Vargas


P.S. I have heard the replies of interest in the mastermind, and I apologize if I did not give you a quick reply.  I will email you separately with those details next week.  We will also be launching a monthly masterclass in response to those who have asked for more ongoing training – more details coming next week.


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