November 29

Failure Is Not An Option


Soccer season just ended for my son and we had some great learning experiences. There was a point when the team suddenly needed a goalie and my son was assigned to step in.

He shared with me that he was afraid. After speaking with him, I discovered that he was just simply afraid of failing. He had the wrong self talk and therefore the wrong attitude. He kept repeating the words, “I am going to do terrible, goals will be scored against me and the team will lose because of me.” Those were all very hurtful words for him to feed his mind. I explained to him how attitude and self-talk are very important. In fact, it’s so important that it’s something that I share with my real estate team often.

I shared a little “hack” that one of my mentors, Dennis Waitley, from waaaay back in the day taught me. Dennis Waitley would tell me that when he was an Olympic trainer he would have his athletes visualize the outcome they wanted to achieve. I found that very helpful because there were times when I had gotten nervous when I was speaking with the seller and sometimes my mind would tell me how I could mess up and say the wrong thing. It happens to all of us at one point or another. Whether it’s sports or business I believe it is important to visualize the outcome that you want, not the outcome that you fear. So I told my son, “Visualize yourself protecting that net and blocking that ball, visualize yourself feeling triumphant along side your teammates because of your accomplishment.”

I told my son how whenever I get nervous in my world of business, I feed my mind with self-talk that I want to hear and want to experience. Even my students that I train on probate telephone prospecting go over the exercise of visualization and positive self-talk.

It’s just that important!

Thankfully my son listened to my advice and visualized himself protecting his net and he played a good game. He recognized that he has the ability to play that position well. He also understood that just because the ball goes passed him and into the net does not mean that he has failed. (Opposing team scored on him once) We are all just continuously improving but we need to get out on the field so that we have something to improve upon. So if your prospecting on the telephone or going to an appointment and you’re terrified of saying the wrong thing change your thinking, practice, and think of yourself having a great conversation with the seller.

As I mentioned a few days earlier I have some special things coming in 2019 and some of you responded to your interest in the mastermind, I am putting that together so stay tuned.

If you haven’t responded and you’re interested you can go ahead and reply with “interested in the mastermind”. Also stay tuned as I have some other special things I’d like to share with you. Just hang in there because my thriving real estate business in and out of California has kept me very busy.

Ernie “Mr. Visualization“ Vargas


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