July 11

I Became a Privileged Roman Citizen Yesterday

Have you ever visited the Colosseum in Rome? We are about a week into our 2 1/2 week vacation and yesterday we took a private tour of the Colosseum. Our tour guide was amazing. In fact, he had the same traits my Probate Fox students have: strategy, wisdom, and cleverness.

Over the years working in Rome, he has developed relationships that allow him to give himself and his guest special access to areas of the Colosseum that are not available to the general public. He believes that his guests should get special privileges that aren’t available to anyone else.

For example, there was a huge line at the Colosseum when we got there. People were getting baked in the hot sun waiting for hours to get in. But he knew exactly how to bypass the long lines. As we were bypassing everyone else, he told me that we didn’t want to wait in that long line. Another tour guide heard him and asked what was wrong with his line.

His response was, “Oh, that line…well, you watch your life go by and wonder what you did wrong and how you ended up there.”

Then we went on our merry way bypassing the long lines with our secret fast track.

Then he told us that centuries ago, the Roman citizens had different seats depending on their status.
There were first class, second class, and third class seats. He compared our VIP tour to the experience of the first class citizens. And he definitely made us feel like we were in first class.

Being a first class citizen in today’s world is a choice. You have the ability to do just about anything if you also have strategy, wisdom, and cleverness. And the benefits you will get from your decisions can be life changing.

But you have to be smart about it. Anyone can claim to be a real estate investor. Maybe they’ll close a couple of deals, but more likely they’ll just end up spinning their wheels like everyone else. Many years ago I chose to niche down and focus almost entirely on probate. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Tomorrow we’re off to Naples to take a tour of Pompei! When you’re ready to take a deep dive into probate too, let me know.

Impegnato per il tuo successo,
Ernie “Living The Good Life” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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