August 22

The Government Is Raising Interest Rates to 69.5%


Inflation isn’t just hitting us here in America. It’s affecting economies all over the world. And if you think it’s bad here in the states, take a quick look at Argentina.

Their inflation rate just topped a whopping 71%. Their central bank’s response was to raise its benchmark Leliq rate to 69.5%! Now there’s a lot more going on over there too. Unemployment is up over 40%. They’ve got a real mess on their hands.

Thankfully it’s not our government raising interest rates that high. Compared to countries like Argentina, we’ve got it pretty good here at home. But that doesn’t make it any easier for families living paycheck to paycheck.

Back in June, Congress’s Joint Economic Committee released a report that stated inflation is costing the average American family an extra $635 each and every month. In Colorado, that number is even higher at $825 a month.

It’s a sad reality that these numbers are going to put a real strain on a lot of families. And what’s even sadder is that a lot of the people it’s going to affect are older folks on fixed incomes. And when these people pass and their estate goes into probate, their heirs are going to have a real mess on their hands. Especially when the probate goes into foreclosure.

The sad reality is that there are real estate professionals who prey on these unsuspecting souls. They’re like vultures circling around these vulnerable families just waiting to steal the heirs’ inheritance for pennies on the dollar.

I’ve seen it happen before. Over the years I’ve helped people protect and save what’s rightfully theirs while making some decent money the honest way. The only difference between then and now is the sheer volume of probate foreclosures that are coming.

And there are not enough trustworthy, honest probate experts (I like to call them probate superheroes) to help all of these vulnerable families.

The problem with society today is we always assume someone else will answer the call. This time that someone just might need to be you…

To your success,
Ernie “Hero Maker” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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