April 25


I just read a news story about a kindergartner in Livonia, Michigan who brought a bottle of ready-to-drink Jose Cuervo margarita to school for snack time.

The little stinker poured it into dixie cups and passed it out to her classmates!

Needless to say, the other parents were not happy about it at all.

The story got me thinking about probate leads though.

Right after reading this article, I had a call with a potential probate leads subscriber who wanted to know more about the leads I provide.

He did his due diligence and got quotes from other leads subscribers. This is a smart move, because you don’t want to jump into something this big blindly.

One of the other leads services told him that they don’t verify property because “even though there is no real estate attached to the probate, a neighbor, relative, or the PR might have a property they want to sell on the side.” 


And then get this, another leads provider was selling inherited leads as probate leads. 

I knew exactly who he was talking about because I get subscribers refereed to me all the time telling me the same exact thing.

Thankfully, I was able to explain to him the differences between all of these leads and how chasing unconfirmed property leads is one of the biggest time wasters in probate.

But it breaks my heart to think of all the unsuspecting investors out there trying to chase their dreams using junk leads. It’s like trying to catch fish with an acorn at the end of your hook instead of a worm or lure.

Working bad leads is one of the quickest ways to fail at probate. And this business can pay handsomely if you’re working it the right way.

Don’t drink the juice just because someone offers you a dixie cup. Check to see what’s in it.
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Committed to your success,
Ernie “I Ain’t Drinking The Kool-Aid” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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