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I Had a Conversation with Elon Musk

So technically it is true I had a conversation with Elon last night. The thing is there were 4999 other people in on the same conversation lol.Have you heard of the iPhone app Clubhouse? It’s a new way to share ideas and have conversations, but you have to be invited by someone already in. Luckily, […]

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Tales of the Hawaiian Rent-A-Dog [PART 2]

Last week I told you about my family’s trip to Hawaii where we gave the Hawaiian animal shelter our hard earned money to be a walking billboard. Here’s the crazy happily ever after ending to the story…The brilliant marketing minds at that animal shelter did their homework and created a collage of “FUREVER” homes and […]

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Too Many Tamales

Did you parents have a book or story they would read to you every Christmas? In our family, we have a book we would read the kiddos when they were younger every year. It was all about the aftermath of having made tamales during Christmas.And because our family’s tradition has always been to make tamales […]

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