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Out of Shape and 80 Miles to Go

My mother, Gloria, always taught me that honesty defines your character. So I’m going to be 100% honest with you – I’m a bit out of shape. I’ve talked with you before about how important taking care of yourself is. I’ve been doing ok, but am quickly realizing I need to do a much better […]

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William Hearst, Albert Einstein, and Ernie Vargas?

Did you know there is an unfinished castle in California? The Hearst Castle, located on the central coast of California in San Simeon, was built by the notorious turn-of-the-century media magnate William Randolph Hearst in 1919. Well, that’s not entirely true. Construction started in 1919, but continued for 28 years with the castle never being […]

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Working for the Weekend?

It’s been another busy week for me here at the REI Leadership Academy and I’m looking forward to unwinding this weekend.In addition to helping my team prospect and close probate deals, launching my Probate Business Blueprint program, and getting a ready to start a new Probate Real Estate Renegade coaching group, I’m also working on adding […]

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I Believe in Unicorns. Do You?

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and a friend of mine posted that today was national unicorn day. I thought he was just making stuff up so I googled it and sure enough, today IS national unicorn day. I’m going to be honest with you here. I 100% do believe in unicorns.But not the […]

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Time to Level Up?

I was talking to my marketing director, Mark, the other day about kids nowadays and their video games. Back in the day, the only video game I used to play was Pac-Man (yup, I’m an old fart). But Mark was telling me how he would spend hours playing Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, and Contra on […]

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I Sold a Corvette on EBay

Yesterday, as I sat down with my family at Easter dinner, I thought about everything I am thankful for.My faith and family are obviously #1 and #2, but my probate real estate career is right up there at the top of the list.And when I get together with family and friends, I usually end up […]

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My Homeless Friend Buffalo

I would like to share the story about a friend named Buffalo.I live in Los Angeles. Current county estimates put the number of chronically homeless individuals at roughly 15,000. Buffalo happens to be one of these people.Buffalo lives under a bridge and does not have the traditional comforts of the type of house that most […]

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Not All Costco’s Are the Same

Have you ever shopped at Costco?Here’s a better question. Have you ever shopped at different Costco’s in different areas of your state or even across the country?I have and here’s what I’ve noticed: even though many of the staple products are the same such as milk, eggs, and the like, there are many other products […]

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