October 26

Dough Balls and Probate Deals


A couple of weeks ago I got together with one of my higher-level coaching groups. In addition to some learning, we also had some fun.

My future son-in-law, Luke, is a master pizza chef. I was able to convince him to teach us all how to make our own pizza.

Everybody got their own ball of dough. Luke taught us how to stretch it, toss it, and get it ready for all of the other ingredients. There’s a special process you need to do to get rid of all of the air bubbles. Some people figured that part out faster than others. And the spinning and tossing of the dough was the same – some people got it right away while it took others a little more coaching.

But by the end we each had a finished pie that we were each proud of. And the sense of satisfaction that came from making it on our own was pretty cool.

After we finished dinner, I had my students share their real estate journey and the milestones each person has reached. These were emotional conversations because successes always come with some bruises along the way.

There were lots of high fives and celebrations to go around because they were able to work past their personal challenges to accomplish their goals and milestones resulting in their first deal.

This all reminded me of the pizza-making process. You start your real estate journey at the same place as everyone else, just like they all started with the same ball of dough. Some people were able to stretch their dough out quicker than others while others were better at tossing it or getting the air bubbles out.

But we all needed some direction and coaching to help us create our own culinary masterpiece. Without Luke there to help us along, I think we all would have gone home hungry.

Could my Probate Fox students figured out how to get their first deal on their own? Maybe, maybe not. But their bruises would have been bigger, mistakes would have been a constant, and their internal and external obstacles would have been difficult to overcome.

To your success,
Ernie “Pizzas & Probate” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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