January 29

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Just this past week, one of my first-class Probate Fox alumni, Alex, was recognized as one of the top real estate agents in his brokerage.
The secret to his success can be summarized in one word: probate.Some years back and quickly escalated to the very top of his game.
Probate was THE vehicle that helped him to accomplish the role of highest sales agent, year after year, so much so to the point that other agencies were virtually fighting for him to hang his license with them.
Last year Alex was presented with an ultimate Godfather offer.
You know the kind that sounds like this… “I am going to make you an offer you just can’t refuse”…. insert your best Marlon Brando impression lol
Well within four short months of joining the new agency Alex became one of the single top real estate agents not just in his town, not just in his state, BUT IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY for this brokerage.
This isn’t a once upon a many years ago story… NO, this is real and this was mostly October through December of 2020.
I’m honored that when people ask him what is the secret to his success – he point’s to me as a huge contributing factor.
However, in my observation of Alex here are some of the things I also know to be true as to why he is so incredibly successful.

Relationships – Alex is a master networker. He deeply cares about people and he never passes up a chance to make a new friend. Alex is especially skilled at developing relationships with people in the industry and those relationships have helped him to go far.

The Right Coach – The Internet is filled with so many people who are self-appointed experts. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell who is or isn’t really legit. It’s important that you do your research and get to know your coach before you get started with them.

The Right Niche – There are so many areas that you can focus on in real estate and they are all good areas but they may not all be good for you at that exact time. Probate on the other hand is an evergreen market since it is not dependent on one single economic climate.

The Right Mindset – Alex is a learner. For example, every time I run a book club, Alex is the first person to raise his hand and say I’m in coach. He is always making every effort to grow.

Put In The Work – Alex lives the philosophy of work hard play hard. From what I have noticed, Alex is on vacation in some exotic part of the world every three months, but every day that he is working, he is actually really working and producing massive results.

Alex truly is a top agent but he has also developed into one of Southern California’s leading wholesalers in the probate marketplace. And just recently he has added retail flipping to his skill set.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “The Godfather of Probate” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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