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Failure Is Not An Option

Soccer season just ended for my son and we had some great learning experiences. There was a point when the team suddenly needed a goalie and my son was assigned to step in. He shared with me that he was afraid. After speaking with him, I discovered that he was just simply afraid of failing. […]

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My Amazing Birthday Race

This weekend was my birthday and I decided to surprise my family instead of them surprising me. In our family, we often do city wide scavenger hunts which is a twist on The Amazing race. Here was my Amazing Birthday Race: I prepared a list of cards with questions on each card. Once my wife […]

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Don’t Go It Alone

My two younger kids absolutely love soccer. It’s been such a great sport for them. I’ve even had the chance to be a coach at times. It sure is a lot of fun and even in this sport there is growth in more than just the physical aspect. My son is very good at defense, […]

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Mojave Desert Sand Dunes

I went camping with my son’s Boy Scout group. It was a great weekend. We got to do some local hiking and campfires but what was really awesome was a particular trip to the sand dunes. It was literally a mountain made out of sand and the entire hike from beginning to mountaintop was all […]

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