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Students Question Answered: How to Contact Attorneys in Probate

Below is a question I received from one of my students earlier this week and my response to her. I felt it could of benefit to others so I’m sharing it here. Hi Ernie, I am getting ready to reach out to some probate attorneys here in my major city. I am a bit stuck

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What Did the Bird Say When He Flew Over the House…

Cheap cheap cheap, Absolutely corny, I know, but this is my attempt at a joke and we all know that the best discountsare found in probate properties. (and that is no joke!) I was at the Pasadena Rose Parade and there was a bird on a house on one of the floats (not an actual bird

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How to Entice a Buyer to Your Property without a Reduction in Price

We are here at the very end of December and the herd of buyers for our properties are not out in full force. However, as a seller we should never let that discourage us. Instead what we want to do is think how can we make our property so attractive to a potential buyer that

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Will Redfin Disrupt Probate?

I am a boy Scout leader and last night I had the chance to present a few boys with their merit badges and rank advancements at our year end court of honor. It’s so much fun working with these young men and getting to see the joy in their parents’ faces when they see their

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Have No Fear Probate is Here

Today during my business meeting, I was speaking with someone about the current probate real estate market. He was sharing with me how in his market in Orlando, Florida houses are starting to sit a bit longer. Well, as a matter of fact, that is something I am experiencing in some of my markets too. 

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Doors, Floors, And More

I’m writing to you from the air as I’m in route to Chicago.  When I’m in a plane, I often get to just and have some quiet time. I was just thinking about yesterday’s adventures and I’m reminded about all the abundance in products and business that I saw. Since my real estate business has

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

One of the things that make this probate real estate business so opportunistic is that there is more than one way to make money. For example, I just closed on another probate lead. This closing was in the form of a listing. This particular administrator wanted a price that was more that I was willing

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Smiles and Making Dreams Come True

I’m just home from one of my properties that is under restoration and what a joyful feeling I had. There I was speaking with one of our contractors when his wife and children stopped by to visit him and since my wife happened to be with me, the two wives hit it off in conversation.

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This Dog Has Too Many Fleas

This dog has too many fleas! That is exactly what one of my buyers said about a property that was offered to him. I absolutely love my field of work because you see the funniest, the craziest, and the ugliest things out there in the real estate market place. This house is so beyond repairs

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Thanksgiving email answered

This is an email I got over the Thanksgiving weekend. I thought you could benefit from the answer. ——– Original Message ——– Subject: RE: Happy Thanksgiving   Wow! Long time, no hear. I know it is a blast to your database and I am one of many, but I am grateful for your email wishes

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Probate Pack Rat

Do you remember the picture I showed you in a previous blog post. Pretty scary way of living right? Remember how I told you that it’s not un-normal to find probate houses that are in this type of terrible disrepair? Something else that you’ll often see in these homes is major clutter. Yup, the pack

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