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Doors, Floors, And More

I’m writing to you from the air as I’m in route to Chicago.  When I’m in a plane, I often get to just and have some quiet time. I was just thinking about yesterday’s adventures and I’m reminded about all the abundance in products and business that I saw. Since my real estate business has

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Time Management

Earlier this week, I rode shot gun with Brandon, one of the newer guys on my team so that I could observe him and make recommendations if need be. Now this guy has been seriously teachable and hungry and he has managed to take my probate leads and closed a good batch within a short

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

One of the things that make this probate real estate business so opportunistic is that there is more than one way to make money. For example, I just closed on another probate lead. This closing was in the form of a listing. This particular administrator wanted a price that was more that I was willing

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3 Competitive Secrets of the Successful Real Estate Investor

In our current real estate market, there are lots of great opportunities. Unfortunately, anywhere there are opportunities you will find lots of competition. Good things attract lots of attention. However, the question that you as a real estate investor must ask is, “How can I effectively compete against other investors to win deals”? There are

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